Thursday, September 29, 2005

Squishy conservatives

It wasn't long before the wailing started. Our loyal opposition party is blaming big government for high gas prices even though taxes have not been raised one cent in years. Said Tory leader Stephen Harper, " Canadians have seen nothing other than 100 days of inaction from the government. Rather than continue to rake in record-high revenues from record-high oil prices, will the government simply cut gas taxes for consumers?" [Globe and Mail]

Perhaps instead of screaming for the state to fix gas prices, Stephen should educate consumers about the law of supply and demand. A former economics student should know better. Higher prices will lead to greater efficiency and send signals to consumers.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Urban Splendor

Autumn is the most spectacular season in Toronto, and we're enjoying a lovely sunny time here in the Big Smoke. I walked past this fabulous late summer garden at Artscape. (Queen West and Crawford) This is what I dream of turning my front lawn into

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

This is What Climate Change Looks Like

This is what climate change looks like. Without significant action on CO2 emissions, the fate of New Orleans will be repeated in many places over the coming century.

Climate change is expected to bring with it rising sea levels and more frequent weather patterns. The waves of destruction that immersed New Orleans could soon be washing over parts of Florida and cities all along the coast. Entire countries will soon face annihilation - low-lying coastal nations such as Bangladesh and Tuvalu

For too long we have allowed short term economic wants dictate decision making. A short term economic analysis shows that New Orleans is a great place to build a business. It has a fantastic port, access to the Mississippi river, and the Atlantic.

A long term analysis would conclude that building a city of 3 million in a soup bowl 3 meters below sea level in a hurricane-prone area is fundamentally unsound. Let's get it right on CO2 emissions before it's too late